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Child Care Curriculum: Toddlers

Our Toddler Program


At Karratha Early Learning we provide your toddler with the opportunity to continue their early learning journey by exploring the world they live in. Toddlers in this classroom are exploring areas of multi-cultural, social inclusion, speech development, mathematics and language, toilet training and social awareness. Educators provide these wonderful opportunities within the curriculum to help develop your toddlers' learning and development. We have an educational program that involves intentional teaching. We use development milestones to assess the students' development. Each child has a unique journey and we take each toddler's development into account and this informs the educator's intentional plans. From this information it helps us design the education environment, making it another resource to facilitate the toddlers' learning.

Having experienced educators at Karratha  Early Learning means that they can help follow the toddler’s interests, and, during the play based learning, support the toddler in their learning and development. When the toddlers are developmentally ready they transition into pre-kindy classroom.

A Typical Day

Time Toddlers
6.00am Children + Parents Welcomed, Breakfast is served
6.30am-9.00am Indoor/Outdoor Experiences + Free Play
9:00am Morning tea and Sleep time
9.30 am-11.30am Toddlers Program, Creative experiences, Peer Interactions (small + large), Literacy + Numeracy and Music + Movement
11.30am Lunch and Sleep time
12.00pm-2.00pm Sleep/Rest/Relaxation
2.00pm – 3.00pm Child Interest Led Indoor Experiences
3.00 pm Afternoon Tea
3.30pm-5.30pm Outdoor Experiences + Free Play and Late Snack provided


We believe that healthy foods and drinks impact the growth and wellbeing of your baby. We are committed to providing wholesome, nutritious, balanced meals each and every day.

You can learn more about our nutrition philosophy and meals plans on our Nutrition Page.

Parent Communication

Communication with parents and families is especially important when it comes to children ages 2-3. We are always open to learning more about your baby’s needs and desires, along with any feedback you have about the centre.

OWNA: We also use an application called OWNA which allows you to stay up-to-date on all the happenings with your child at the centre. With OWNA, you’ll never have to miss a thing.

Facebook: Our day is also showcased via our Facebook which can be shared with family and friends. Please make sure you like and follow our page.

Educator: Please take the time to speak with your baby’s educator on drop off or pick up

Newsletter: We have a centre monthly newsletter to share all the wonderful things we are doing at the centre with you.

OWNA is your very own private online platform and dedicated mobile app that makes sharing key moments between educators and families more engaging