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Child Care Curriculum: After School Care (5 – 12 Years)

Out of School Club: Before and After school – Vacation Care Program during school holidays.

Our out of school club at Karratha Early Learning provides before and after school care to students attending Baynton West Primary School. Children are walked by the educators to and from the school.  In a very practical program which caters for up to 10 children each afternoon. With a small number of additional positions offered via our My family Lounge APP as casual bookings. You can book your casual care up to 4 weeks in advance, matching your childcare needs to your roster.

As the children have had a long day in school we try to ensure our extracurricular activities help the children to relax and give them a chance to work on their social relationships. We engage in our links with the communities by taking the children to the library, parks and community gardens or other events run within our community. This also has an educational focus, but it is not too intense for them after a long day at school.

At Karratha Early Learning we often go to the park and this helps the children with their physical development, also learn about the environment and recycling. We are looking to develop a cooking program with our after-school students. We will aim to help them develop life skills while in our care. We pride ourselves on using 'My Time Our Place' to help guide our planning but ensuring the children feel comfortable, nurtured and relaxed whilst with us. We do offer support for homework, although we do not enforce it. As always, we follow the interests of the child.

About our school

Baynton West Primary School prides itself on providing a caring and stimulating learning environment for your children. The strength of Baynton West Primary School is our strong belief that the education of our students is built on a genuine partnership between home and school and the children.

During Vacation care periods enrolments are open to any student attending any school in Karratha.

Western Australia

  • Term 1: Wednesday 31 January – Friday 13 April.
  • Term 2: Monday 30 April – Friday 29 June.
  • Term 3: Monday 16 July – Friday 21 September.
  • Term 4: Monday 8 October – Thursday 13 December.

Miss Melanie, takes children to a range of places in Karratha / Dampier during the holiday program including