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"The important thing is not to stop questioning;
curiosity has its own reason for existing"

- Albert Eintein

Welcome to Karratha Early Learning Child Care Centre

Karratha Early Learning is a Reggio Emilia inspired learning child care centre. We are positioned in your local area of Baynton West, directly across Baynton West Primary School here in Karratha.

The Reggio Emilia has an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education which values the child as strong, capable, resilient and rich with wonder and knowledge. Every child brings with them deep curiosity and potential which drives curiosity and their interest to understand the world and their place within it.

We are passionate about providing your children with the tools they need to be successful in all aspects of their lives. We combine our strong curriculum and a safe, stimulating environment to create meaningful experiences for your child every day. We value the need for your child to have close connections with other families within our local area. The relationships that children form at Karratha Early Learning will continue when your child starts school.

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My personal experience with the service, staff and room has been excellent. My child has settled in nicely.

- Sharnell Toulmin

Sounds like another Great Day = thanks so much  so nice to not feel worried whilst at work knowing our kids are having fun

- Marcia N Tony Coelho 

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Need a go-to paleo sponge cake? We can't go past this one by @thathealthjunkie ... See MoreSee Less

Need a go-to paleo sponge cake? We cant go past this one by @thathealthjunkie

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Toddlers room

22nd March 2019

Hello and happy Friday from the Toddlers room!

What a wet and windy Friday we had, luckily we still got outside to play early in the morning. With most of the yard packed away for the potential cyclone the toddlers enjoyed playing in the sand pit and with the cars. In the sand pit educators added some pots, pans and cooking utensils. The toddlers explored the resources using them to scoop, pour, stir and prepare some yummy pretend sand foods! Some children simply enjoyed the sensory experience of playing with the sand which was a little damp from the weather making it easier to manipulate in to the shapes and positions the toddlers preferred. Sand is a great sensory experience and a wonderful resource for imaginative and creative play.

Inside after some yummy yoghurt Miss Mackless got out some green playdough. The toddlers enjoyed squashing and squeezing the playdough modelling it in to different shapes with their fine motor muscles. Miss Mama added some popsicle sticks and little match sticks. The toddlers use these open ended resources to create candles and sang happy birthday with Miss Mama. Open ended resources give the toddlers the chance to use their curiosity and creativity to guide their own learning along with some encouragement from our educators.

At rest time the children were excited to see the rain falling. They looked out the window with Miss Mackless who asked ‘Oh where’s that water coming from?’ ‘The rain!’ Child K replied. How excited we are to get back outside and see what’s changed after all the rain.
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The educators at Karratha Early Learning play a crucial role in your baby’s learning by developing a loving and secure relationship with them, encouraging them to use all their skills to explore the world around them and by encouraging their curiosity. ... See MoreSee Less

The educators at Karratha Early Learning play a crucial role in your baby’s learning by developing a loving and secure relationship with them, encouraging them to use all their skills to explore the world around them and by encouraging their curiosity.

The school club

Hello Families
With the many changes in weather patterns with regards to the cyclone, the schoolies have had a growing interest in getting to find out all the updates. This morning and afternoon they requested to have a look at any news happenings on the computer , so we took time to view a few videos and also got to build on our knowledge in it. These conversations also extended to us relating to the many familiar things happening in our community, such as noticing how fully packed the shops are in readiness to it. We then later talked about the emergency procedures all depending on the alert colour given (blue,yellow,red and white.)

This was then incorporated in their play as they enjoyed imaginary play. Some of us built some boats and were trying to save ourselves from a big tornado “ let’s shut the windows before it crashes into the wave” they said as they shared great problem solving techniques.

Stay safe and alert

Written by Miss Mama

Early Years Learning Framework

4.2: EYLF - Children develop a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, enquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating
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Thursday Nursery Room

Good Afternoon dear families! Today is a very special day in our Nursery room, because we have two friends whom just turned one! Happy 1st birthday to the most charming and amazing boys. We have been busy with various birthday theme acitivities, the little ones have had a lot of fun making some cupcakes with Miss Aida, following Harmony week, we decided to use the main colours of the Earth: green and bule, the younger ones enjoyed watching and absorbing the activities of their surrounding, the older children enjoyed accepting simple tasks such as pouring and mixing ingredients together, child V loved being involved in baking experiences, especially to follow the educator’s movements, as she saw Miss Aida scooping the mixture to a baking pan, she decided to help her with a scoop.

Following the children’s interests of exploring pom-poms, we have had painting with pom-poms today, the children loved to explore not only the colours but experiment with a new pain tool. Some of them were able to dip the pom-poms in the paint and then to make patterns, child R loved to get their hands into the paint, she pinched the pom-poms with her fingers to pick up the pom-poms and then cover her hands with the paint. We also enjoyed making some handprints on the paper.

Outdoors the children enjoyed watering the garden, the children enjoyed exploring the nature of soil, water and plants, they loved putting little hands into the soil and feeling the textures. They also helped to watering with different watering cans. Garden is always creates fun for us!

Have a lovely day!

Miss Aida and Miss Charlotte

LO4.2 Children develop a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating.
LO 4.3 Children transfer and adapt what they have learned from one context to another.
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