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Letter From the Educator, After School Child Care (5 – 12 Years)

Miss Mama

Room Leader in the Out of School Club here at Karratha Early Learning

Mama’s philosophy

My desire to venture into a career which involves children began when I was so young and this grew even more when I volunteered as an assistant educator just after completing my Year 12 studies. For me life is an ongoing learning process for each and every one. We learn as we grow through sharing and receiving knowledge. That is why the early years of a person are one of the most important times as they establish a building block for one’s learning. This is why early childhood educators are responsible in providing support and guidance to every child.

I believe in the individuality of every child that needs care and love for them to be able to form trusting relationships that will stimulate their desire to grow emotionally, cognitively, socially and physically. This is why building a child-educator relation and working with Families is cardinal in a Childs development.  

As educators we help children discover Learning which is based on the active(play) participation of the child. Our role is to support a sense of curiosity in children, to encourage desire for the environment by setting up areas that are aesthetically pleasing and interest based. As well as managing the child in his or her development and extending/building on their knowledge.

Apart from that I also Value culture diversity and believe that despite every child coming from different parts of the world, speaking different languages and looking different, we are all the same and therefore it is important to respect and embrace everyone’s culture. This will help provide a sense of belonging for the children.

In conclusion, there is no such a thing as wrong or right kind of teaching, but a scaffolded learning journey filled with lots of play.