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Our Child Care Centre's Good Nutrition Commitment

We believe that healthy foods and drinks impact the growth and wellbeing of your baby. We are committed to providing wholesome, nutritious, balanced meals each and every day.

From the 1st of March, Karratha Early Learning, will be part of the world leading nutritional education and preventative health initiative which provides Early Childhood Education and care centres with menu planning tool, which has been developed thorough partnership with the University of Newcastle, Hunter New England Population Health and Healthy Australia.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Assorted Cereals

Assorted Cereals

Assorted Cereals

Assorted Cereals

Assorted Cereals

Morning Tea Apple Oat Bites

Fresh fruit platter & glass of milk

Pear cupcakes & fruit platter

Fresh fruit platter with cheese & crackers

Fresh vegetable sticks & hummus

Lunch Assorted sandwiches (Options include cheese, jam, vegemite, cold meats, egg, salad)

Tuna Pilaf

Zucchini Slice

Chicken stir-fry with noodles

Meat and vegetable rissoles with couscous & pumpkin

Afternoon Tea Banana pikelets and spreads

Fresh vegetable sticks with cheese cubes and dip

Super healthy tahini slice & yoghurt, with fresh fruit

Antipasto platter (with cheese, crackers, cold meats and vegetable sticks)

Fruit, muesli & yoghurt cups

Code for key ingredients


  • Children who do not want to eat from the menu will be offered an alternative meal
  • Children with additional dietary requirements are catered for daily
  • Children are encouraged to drink water at all meals and have access to drinking water throughout the day
  • For detailed information on the menu and where recipes are sourced from please refer to the recipe book

We display all menus on the kitchen and main noticeboard, which show the array of important dietary nutrients needed for a healthy daily balanced diet. We closely follow the Nutrition Australia National guidelines and recommendations.

With our premium meal plans, we provide the following:

  • Nutritionally balanced meals prepared by our quality cook
  • Wholesome, tasty ingredients rich in nutrients
  • Vegetables and fruit, yoghurt, mash and lunch tailored to the individual needs of each child

Children learn from others about food preferences, nutrition and how to eat.

Promoting healthy eating patterns and positive attitudes toward food is shared by children and staff. We create a pleasant, culturally appropriate atmosphere for children at mealtimes that encourage social interaction and learning.


  • Are relaxed and supervised to encourage healthy eating practices
  • Include a range of textures and tastes appropriate to the developmental stages of different age groups
  • Offer a variety of foods such as vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, chicken, milk, yoghurts and cheese
  • Children are encouraged to drink water and milk throughout the day

Communication and transparency are important to us. We invite parents to provide feedback and/or suggestions on menus and food.

Allergies and Accommodations

Traces of nuts may be highly dangerous to children who are allergic to them. Because of this, Karratha Early Learning is a ‘NUT FREE Zone’. If your child has other food allergies, please share them with us and we will make accommodations. We want your child to feel comfortable and receive the foods that are best for them.