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Letter From the Educator, Pre-Kindy Child Care (3-5 Years)

Miss Sam

Hi, my name is Sam I am the lead educator in the Pre kindy room and the educational leader at Karratha Early Learning, this is my second year at the centre. I hold a diploma of early childhood and education and hope to study my degree in Early years teaching in the future.

I have worked in the early years profession for around 7 years and in this time I have learnt as much as I have taught. I believe this collaboration of learning is the reason I continually feel passionate about working with children. They are fountains of creation and knowledge.

Each child we care for means the whole world to someone and I aim to ensure each child is treated with care and respect and believe families are and should be the core element of their child's life and education. This collaboration between educators and families should always be paramount to ensure we can provide the best outcome for each individual.

I believe children are smart, capable and resilient people. They are curious explorers and use play to investigate and research themselves and the world around them. I feel children should be treated as competent individuals and should be encouraged to be independent and allowed to make decisions in matters that affect them and their environment.

I feel as early years educators we should aim to develop deep, caring and nurturing relationships with each child to help us create a safe and secure environment in which we can discover their personalities and interests. Through these discoveries we can create environments that facilitate meaningful learning opportunities for each child.

I also feel an educators role should be to co-construct, co-research and be a collaborative learner alongside the children. We should be there to assist with discoveries and learning but rarely to tell or instruct.

"All children need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them"- This is what I aim to achieve in the way I teach and build relationships with every child.