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Letter From the Educator, Nursery & Baby Care (0 - 2 years)

Miss Katie

Hi, I am Miss Katie.

I am the lead Educator her at Karratha Early Learning in the Nursery room

I am from England where I studied a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and Early Childhood Studies. I have worked with children for over 13 years in various different settings. I have predominantly worked with babies but enjoy working with children of all ages and feel very privileged to be a part of their lives.

I believe that the early years are the most important time in a young person’s life, and that during this time children need to feel safe, secure, loved, respected and cared for in order for them to learn and develop into their own unique selves.

My role as an educator is something I cherish, and I take pride in the work that I do. I recognise each child as a unique individual and acknowledge that learning and development occur at different times and speeds and are the direct result of the opportunities and experiences they are exposed to. My goal as an educator is to work alongside parents and carers to better facilitate each child’s learning journey. By working together, the individual needs of each child can be met, and activities and experiences can be planned according to their interests and their stage of development.

When educators, parents/carers and children work together with open communication and respect, each child will be free to develop to their full potential. What more can I wish for as an educator?!