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Spanish with Miss Aida and Alicia

Spanish Class

HOLA everyone, after another month with our Spanish classes, we found still an amazing participation from our children. Using some greeting words as Hola, Adios and Gracias every day when Miss Alicia o Miss Aida came into any of the rooms, allow children to feel more confident using some Spanish words in their daily routine.


Our nursery room had a big challenge this month, we encourage babies to copy some Spanish words having ten minutes speaking only in Spanish, using familiar words ask leche (milk), comida (food) amigos (friends) and singing some songs over and over using the same movements than in English. New songs have become popular making children clap and dance once they listen it. We introduce “la vaca lola”  (lola de cow) and we will working with “5 lobitos” (5 wolf) for our next month. Well done babies.


Our toddlers are very engaged with our friend Lechuza and we are having a good space to take turns and be responsible to take care on Lechuza while we practice our Spanish words and songs. After introducing la vaca Lola some of our children can sing almost all the song and even do the movements while singing. We started to use some words as agua (water), gracias (thank you) and comida (food) at the meals time twice per week. Until now children have been demonstrating how much they like listen new songs in other language and how receptive they are to learn, repeat and use a new language. Also, we finish our Spanish wall at the book corner, to share all the songs that we have been learning.  Muy bien toddlers.


Children from Pre-kindy room started counting in Spanish, we have been working with numbers from 1 to 5 using fingers as guide and listening and repeating every week. Children in this age are very curious about new words and they are amazing reacting with the action songs answering in Spanish when we sing our favourite song “Buenos dias amigos” (good morning friend) answering muy bien (very well) to start the Spanish lessons. They can recognize words as Plato (bowl), Agua (water), Amigo (friend) Gracias(thankyou) and even when we came to our Spanish session thy immediately start to use or say any word in Spanish. They are very engaged showing their enthusiasm wit both of us and participating actively every week even asking us how to say some words in Spanish. Gracias amigos and muy bien.